Canada and New England Cruise Live Blog: Day 8

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Today is the last day of the cruise, which makes it a sad day. However it’s my favorite kind of day, a sea day, which is awesome. We decided to let our kids sleep as long as they wanted since for the first time in 4 days we could sleep in.  I relaxed in the room and waited for the kiddos to get up while Ramon went to the gym.

They ended up waking up at about 930am.  Ramon then takes the kids to the Windjammer while I get ready.  Ramon originally took the kids to Cafe Promenade for some donuts, but sadly they were out of donuts by 10AM. Normally we avoid the Windjammer at all costs for breakfast on sea days due to the crowd, but at this point we were out of options as the Main Dining Room was closed as well.  Ramon was hopeful that because it was past 10AM that the crowd would be less. He was wrong. The Windjammer was PACKED today, and it took forever to find a seat.  After four straight port days apparently everyone slept in and decided to eat breakfast at 10AM.  The kiddos still enjoyed their donuts and cereal as always, and Ramon had some eggs.

Canada Day 8-7

As we walked up and down the stairs to and from the Windjammer, there are paintings of naked women on the wall. They are artistic and tasteful, but this did not stop our children from yelling that they were “inappropriate” and that they were “naked” EVERY SINGLE TIME we walked by them.

Canada Day 8-8Canada Day 8-9Canada Day 8-19

We dropped the kids off at Adventure Ocean, and started packing. After that we ran some errands around the ship such as getting our pictures from the night before. Then we went to “Secrets of the Stage”.

Canada Day 8-10

This was an informal meet and greet where the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers answer questions from the passengers. We both really enjoyed it, and learned a lot about what it takes to be an entertainer at sea. We learned what the audition process is like, and the fact that thy spend about 10 weeks in rehearsal in Miami before they even board a ship. We also learned about some of the requirements that they have, such as conditioning and the weight they are required to maintain and dance classes.

We picked up the kids at noon and went to Zack’s favorite event on the ship.   That’s right, The Men’s International Belly Flop competition! This has been one of Zack’s favorites for as long as I can remember, and it was run by Issac, Zack’s favorite cruise activity staffer. There were 4 guys who entered. Each did a bellyflop and was judged by those watching. The audience would hold up the number of fingers that corresponded to the score you wanted to give them. It’s always a good time!

Canada Day 8-11Canada Day 8-12Canada Day 8-13Canada Day 8-14

After the belly flop competition, we all changed into long pants and socks to go ice skating.

Canada Day 8-18

Zack loves it and did really well. Some of his friends from Adventure Ocean were there, and Zack wanted to keep up with them. With a little practice, he was able to skate with out holding onto the edges.

Canada Day 8-16

Lucy held her own, but got frustrated that she could not skate like the “big kids”. She tried so many times! She would ask to hold my hand. She would try to move her feet, but fall. It was so cute though. They both absolutely loved it!

Canada Day 8-15Canada Day 8-17

The kids went back to Adventure Ocean after ice skating and we played Disney music trivia. It’s a lot harder than it sounds! We did well, but missed “I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio and “Baby Mine” from Dumbo. We came in second.  For the record, I said Dumbo was the answer, but was overruled. It was a more modern version of the song which threw our group off.

Since this was a shorter cruise for us, we didn’t have the opportunity to do the things around the ship that we usually do. Ramon went and picked Zack up from Adventure Ocean and did the rock climbing wall. He usually loves the rock climbing wall, but got really frustrated that he couldn’t reach the top.

Canada Day 8-22

They also played some mini golf while I finished packing. The entire trip, he kept asking to play every single day! I’m glad they finally got the chance to play.

Canada Day 8-21

I picked Lucy up and met Ramon and Zack in the Promenade for a parade. All of the cruise director staff, Adventure Ocean staff, the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers as well as the ice skating cast and musicians put on a parade for the guests. The kids loved seeing their “teachers” in the parade. Even though the parade was only 10 minutes long, we all really enjoyed it.

Canada Day 8-23Canada Day 8-24

We went to dinner in the Main Dining Room after the parade in order to take advantage of My Family Time Dining. Tonight’s dinner was very tasty!

Canada Day 8-25

Canada Day 8-26

We actually got the Asian pork tacos as an appetizer tonight, but they were just ok.  They were a little bland, and not much meat in them. I gave my second taco to Ramon.

Canada Day 8-27

Ramon had the Spaghetti Bolognese and Lucy had a cheeseburger, which is actually different than the cheeseburgers served in the Windjammer.  Zack had some chicken tenders, and I had the Chicken Parmigiana

Canada Day 8-28

After desert, the Adventure Ocean staff picked Zack and Lucy up in the lobby of the dining room. There was nothing on the schedule that we really wanted to do, so we decided to head back to the hot tub.

While we were there, we were joined by a group of about 8 women in their 50’s. They were drinking frozen drinks and taking selfies with some pretty outrageous headbands and goofy glasses. It was definitely the WHOLE shebang! I only wish we had a camera as words cannot describe the ridiculousness.  We were waiting for someone to pull out a bachelorette sign. They also would spontaneously break out and sing Sweet Caroline and other classic songs as well.  It was very special and definitely one of those “You had to be there” moments.

Before we knew it, it was time to pick the kids up from Adventure Ocean. Ramon picked them up and got a late night snack at Cafe Promenade with them while I showered, packed, and put our luggage out. We disembark tomorrow in Cape Liberty.

If you are interested in the total cost of this cruise for a family of four, you can read about that here.

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