Canada and New England Cruise Live Blog: Day 4

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When we woke up on the Adventure at about 8:00 am, we were already docked in Portland, Maine.

Canada Day 4-1

Our tour left 10:30, an we had to be there at 10:00 to check in.  This gave us plenty of time to eat breakfast and get off the ship.  For those of you that have been following this vacation from the beginning, you will be happy to hear that the tooth fairy was able to find our boat today since we were docked, and she left Zack five dollars.

Canada Day 4-2

As I showered the kids and got them dressed, Ramon ran down to Cafe Promenade and got an assortment of pastries and fruit for breakfast to eat in our room.  We would normally have ordered room service but had originally planned to go to the main buffet, but at the last second decided to eat in the room.  We got off the boat and walked 10 min to where our tour met.  We booked the tour independently, as the ship excursions were significantly more expensive than booking independently for Portland.   We saw several cute little harbors along the way.  The weather was a little overcast this morning, but the temperature was perfect.

We took a the Portland City and Lighthouse Tour through Portland Discovery Tours.

Canada Day 4-8

Canada Day 4-7

I enjoyed the tour and the tidbits of history that our fabulous guide gave us along the way.  It was a great tour for the price which was $96.00 dollars for two adults and two kids.  We were able to stop by one of Maine’s parks that has the Portland Head Light Lighthouse in it.  This is said to be one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. 

Canada Day 4-10

By the time we got here, the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Canada Day 4-13Canada Day 4-11

The kids loved playing on the rocks and cliffs around the lighthouse, and NO ONE FELL IN!

Canada Day 4-14

I do wish we had more time at this beautiful spot, but sadly, we had board the trolly to go back to Portland.  You can read the full review of this tour here. Zack apparently had to much fun playing and exhausted himself.

Canada Day 4-16

While on the way back, Lucy accidently dropped her Seapass card out of the trolley window, and she was not happy about it.  A seapass card is the card you use on a Royal Caribbean ship that allows you to embark and disembark and also doubles as your method of payment on board.

Lucy’s nickname is our family is Snugs, because she loves to snuggle.  Zack was super excited when we passed a pub called “The Snug” on our tour.

Canada Day 4-6

After our tour, we chose to eat lunch in Portland.  We found a pub called Commercial St. Pub.  Ramon and I split cheeseburger despite being in the land of lobsters as we are not fans of seafood.  Zack had grilled cheese and Lucy had a hotdog.  It had a very “Dive Bar” feel and we really enjoyed it.

Canada Day 4-18

Of course, there were arcade games to keep the kids occupied, and they pretended to pay “Buck Hunter”.

Canada Day 4-21

After lunch, we went to The Holy Donut!  This is the only donut place that I know of that literally has a line around the block to get in!

Canada Day 4-26

We had to see what all the hype was about.  We chose to wait in the line, and got a vanilla and chocolate glazed doughnut.  We all enjoyed our doughnuts, and while it was an excellent donut are not sure we would wait in that line again.

Canada Day 4-28

Canada Day 4-29

We enjoyed walking around downtown Portland, and eventually started making our way back to our ship.   

Canada Day 4-22

Canada Day 4-23

We ran into a guy who was juggling on a unicycle.  He was absolutely hysterical.  He began talking to Zack, and the conversation went something like this …

Guy: Hey Buddy, what’s your name?

Zack: My name is Zack.

Guy: How old are you?

Zack: I’m Seven and a half.

Guy: Really?  I was Seven and and a half when I was your age.

As we were leaving, the guy on the unicycle said “Most adults probably think I am just an unemployed clown.  Well, they might just be right.”  I wish we could have stayed longer to hear and see more.

Canada Day 4-30

There was a nice little park right by the cruise terminal, and the kids took full advantage.

Canada Day 4-31

For those that read our previous live blog,  the fascination with rocks continues.

Canada Day 4-3

As we were getting ready to get on the boat, we realized that we forgot that we needed a photo ID to reboard the boat.  We were in the US, so I guess we just didn’t consider it.  Ramon had his since he had his wallet, so he and Zack went back to the boat and got my passport and had them make Lucy a new seapass card.  While there are other ways to get onto the ship without your sea pass card or ID, we did not feel like jumping through those hoops.  

We went and played the “Family Animated Movies Visual Trivia” which we naturally won given we were one of the only teams with kids.  We went a perfect 20/20 and won some pens!!

Canada Day 4-36

When we got back to the ship, we put the kids in Adventure Ocean and went to the Diamond lounge to get some free pre-dinner cocktails.  We went to the main dining room where we were seated with three other couples.  Two of them were from Ohio, and one was from California. 

Canada Day 4-37

Ramon had the Roasted Beef Strip Loin, while I had the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli.  Even though both of meals were very good, the desert was the best.  

Canada Day 4-39

Canada Day 4-40

The entertainment tonight was a magician, and we thought Zack and Lucy might enjoy it.  We picked them up from Adventure Ocean and we went to watch the show.  We chose seats in the 3rd row so that the kids could see better.  Zack sat on my lap and Ramon was holding Lucy.  He was actually pretty good, and his dialogue was funny! 

Canada Day 4-41

About half way through the show, Lucy decides to pee all over Ramon.  They both leave while Zack and I stay to finish watching the show.  After that, we decide to call it a night as we had an early morning tomorrow.  

Tomorrow we are in Bar Harbor, and are going around Acadia National Park.  Thanks for reading!

Read about our next day here.

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