Canada and New England Cruise Live Blog: Day 7

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This morning we woke up docked in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The weather was beautiful, sunny, and a perfect 70 degrees!

We were taking the Halifax Highlights and Peggy’s Cove tour through Royal Caribbean today and we had to be in the theater by 8:45. This was our first ship sponsored tour of this vacation. We typically avoid ship sponsored tours as they are typically very expensive, but the price for this tour for all 4 of us was just a little over $100 dollars as Lucy was free.

We have found that whether or not the tours leave at the time scheduled is inconsistent. Sometimes you are waiting quite awhile, and other times they have left exactly on time, if not a few minutes early. So we always try to be on time.

We ate breakfast in the main dining room this morning to ensure we were on time. Our son was very disappointed!

We have really enjoyed the buffet in the main dining room this cruise! It has helped us get the kids a substantial breakfast quickly without the chaos of the Windjammer.

We got off of the boat at about 9:30. The first thing that we saw was a man playing bagpipes. We learned throughout the day that Nova Scotia has very deep Scottish roots, and that Nova Scotia means New Scotland. Of course, Zack wants to learn to play the bagpipes now. And, of course, we emphatically said “NO!”

During our drive around Halifax, the greenery of the area was beautiful. We were able to appreciate the greenery even more when we learned that trees in this area produce a great deal of maple syrup.

There were some other landscapes on our drive as well. As we saw more rocks and ponds we knew were getting close to our destination.

We arrived at Peggy’s Cove after about an hour ride. Peggy’s Cove is a small fishing village that boast a population of about 40 in the winter months. Zack and Lucy loved playing on the rocks!

Of course, Zack had to see how high he could climb.

There was an old lighthouse, but as you can see it was over run with tourists when we were there.

Overall we really enjoyed our time at Peggy’s Cove, and we wished we could have stayed longer. An hour was not enough time. We also wish we could have gone when there weren’t two cruise ships in port as it was clearly overcrowded.

After three previous port days, getting up early, driving an hour, and playing at Peggy’s Cove, Zack and Lucy were running on fumes. So what does a parent do? You sing “Wheels on the Bus” to keep the three year old happy during the hour long drive back.

On the way back, we were able to stop at the Citadel in Halifax. We enjoyed the view, and both kids were grateful to get off the bus and walk around.

After we got back on the boat, the first order of business was lunch. We ate at Cafe Promenade very quickly so that we could do “Visual Trivia: Cartoons.”

And We Won these AMAZING bracelets!

After our trivia victory, Zack and Lucy went to Adventure Ocean. Ramon and I went to do movie theme song trivia! Ramon looks forward to this every cruise and typically wins. This ended up being win number 2 today!A

Since we signed the kids up for Adventure Time Dining and it was formal night, we got dressed and had our picture taken by one of the photographers on board. We usually try to get a family photo when go on a cruise since one of our perks as Diamond members is that we each get a 8×10 printed photo.

We went up to the diamond lounge and had appetizers and drinks. We also got our to watch the ship leave Halifax from the beautiful view from the Diamond lounge

We planned to go to the dining room for dinner, but after a late lunch and appetizers, we were not very hungry at all. We decided to try and write about our day in Halifax, but the internet was inconsistent at best. We decided to finish our blog when we hit land, and enjoyed some of the music and activities around the ship, including “Hero’s and Villains” trivia. No, sadly, we did not win.

We picked up our kids from adventure ocean, and called it a night. Tomorrow is a sea day, my favorite. I am super excited that Zack and Lucy can finally sleep in tomorrow!

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