Canada and New England Cruise Live Blog: Day 6

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This morning we woke up docked in Canada. Today we get to explore the town of St John, New Brunswick.

Ramon went for a quick run outside and got to enjoy this awesome view on St Johns while running.

As I got myself and the kids ready for the day, Ramon picked up some donuts and fruit from Cafe Promenade for us to eat for breakfast.

As we got off the boat at about 10AM, and the view had improved tremendously.

The kids were given Canadian flags, which they absolutely loved!

We did the hop on hop off bus today, so we were on our own schedule until all about 2:30PM.

The ship was leaving pretty early today so we had to really be cognizant of the time as we did not want to miss our boat. The line to get a hop on hop off was a little long and after 30 minutes, we made it up to the front.

Of course, right when we get to the front Zack has to go to the bathroom “RIGHT NOW!” I take him out of line, and explain that we are in a time crunch as we run to the bathroom as we did not want to miss the bus. He goes into the bathroom and I wait outside. About 3 minuets later, I see Ramon running and holding Lucy, who apparently also had to go to the bathroom “RIGHT NOW!” Thankfully, the people who were around us in line saved our place line and all for us made it on the bus just in time!

There were 14 stops in all on the hop on hop off and it takes 90 minutes for a loop and we passed some pretty churches.

After 3 straight days of early wake ups Lucy was exhausted. She fell asleep for most of the ride.

Ramon really wanted to see the reversing rapids which is the highlight of St John, so we got off at stop 10. The reversing rapids occur when the current changes shuttling water between the Bay of Fundy and the St John River and back again.

It’s pretty awesome to see! What’s not so awesome is the tissue factory that is on the shore of the reversing rapids.

Not our best photography day, but still nice to see.

We then got off at stop 11, the Skywalk St John. We didn’t do the sky walk because we actually wanted to go down to the shore. We had a quick snack at the cafe there that had a beautiful view. We decided to eat outside as it was a beautiful day.

After eating, we walked 122 steps does to the bottom. We were disappointed that it led to a landing, and did not let us go on the shore.

**pic on landing**

Walking back, I noticed a little path leading through a meadow.

We chose to take the path and it lead to the shore!

The shore was rocky, and a bit muddy.

The kids, of course, really enjoyed playing there and throwing rocks.

We climbed back up the stairs and we boarded the hop on hop off and headed back to our cruise port. There was a pretty view of the harbor on the way back.

We got back on the ship with 20 minuets to spare. We went straight to the Windjammer to have lunch. Lucy and I had salads (her choice, not mine … I swear). Zack had pasta and Ramon had roasted pig that for Filipinos is known as lechon. He said it was very good, and debated bringing some Mang Tomas Lechon sauce on our next cruise.

We dropped the kids off at Adventure Ocean after lunch, and our plan was to work on our blog for a while. The internet was causing so many issues that Ramon had to redo the blog formatting and picture uploads three times for the last blog entry. The frustration caused him to play some trivia instead.

The kids and I went to the Diamond lounge while Ramon went to trivia. It was general knowledge trivia, and his team won getting 14/16 questions right.

The prize was the coveted Royal Caribbean highlighters and blinky rings.

For dinner tonight, we did something that we usually don’t do. We took our kids to the main dining room. We used to go the main dining room all the time when we only had Zack, but after we got Lucy it got a little more difficult. We got seated to a table by ourselves. Usually we love sitting with new people and getting to talk with them, but both kids were overtired and cranky.

Lucy had macaroni and cheese while Zack had the grilled cheese. Ramon and I both had the New York Strip Loon. On previous cruises, this could hit or miss. Some times it was a tough as leather and other times it was nice and tender. Thankfully, this cruise it was tender and juicy.

All of us enjoyed our food, but the kids were getting restless waiting for desert. Our waiter makes a mouse out of a napkin, and pretends to make it move and squeak. This was all the entertainment that our children needed!

Zack loved the mouse so much he had to show it to all the tables around us, much to their entertainment.

The mouse eventually fell asleep and Zack had to tuck it in.

The mouse had to come home with us and is now sleeping in our stateroom.

For desert, Ramon got a some ice cream and I got the cheesecake as always.

The kids got a desert dish with a cookie and vanilla ice cream in it.

We took advantage of My Family Time Dining tonight. The Adventure Ocean staff are in front of the main dining room between 6:40 and 6:50. They will take your kids from the dining room and check them into Adventure Ocean while parents finish their meal kid free.

Tonight was my favorite music trivia, Musicals Trivia. It was packed!

Sadly, we came very close to winning but we did not win. It was still a great time. My favorite part was when Isaac, the cruise director staff running this trivia, sang every single song in order to reveal the answer. He is very high energy and very entertaining.

Right around as trivia ended the sun set and it was absolutely gorgeous. It has been overcast or foggy every night thus far so this was a pleasant change.

We then got the dreaded phone call on the ship phone provided to us by Adventure Ocean that is used to contact parents. Lucy had an accident in Adventure Ocean, and we needed to come get her! Saying it smelled awful was an understatement! We changed her, cleaned her up, and brought her back for the last hour if the program. We chose to spend that hour watching karaoke! Hearing songs by everyone from Ricky Martin to Stevie Wonder sung by cruise ship passengers is always a good time.

After karaoke, we picked up the kids, had our late night snack at Cafe Promenade, and turn in for the night. Tomorrow is our last port on the cruise, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Check out our next day in Halifax here.

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