Canada and New England Cruise Live Blog: Day 3

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We woke up on the Adventure of the Seas to my favorite kind of day … a sea day!  Per usual Ramon was up before 6 am, and decided to work out in the gym before the kids or I got up.  Everyone woke up by 7:30, and got showered and dressed.  As you may remember, yesterday, Zack lost his tooth and was super excited for the tooth fairy to stop by.  It turns out that the tooth fairy has a hard time finding boats while they are at sea as she didn’t leave any money.  Hopefully, she can find the boat tonight.

Given Notre Dame was playing Michigan today, Ramon and Zack had to don their Notre Dame gear.  GO IRISH!  BEAT MICHIGAN!

Canada Day 3-7

After getting dressed we ventured down to Cafe Promenade for breakfast.

The kids got donuts, Ramon got a chicken burrito, and I got some fruit. We liked going to Cafe Promenade even though the selection is considerably smaller than the main buffet because it is faster and requires much less walking to get food than The Windjammer.  While this is not a big issue for most people, when you are traveling with small children the size of the buffet can become an issue.  Having to walk all around The Windjammer to get food, drinks, utensils, napkins, and other items can take quite a bit of time when dealing with small children.

We dropped the kids off at Adventure Ocean while Ramon went to trivia.  The questions were a conglomeration of riddles, true and false, and general knowledge.  Ramon sadly did not win trivia this time.  I hit the gym fora quick workout. The weather was beautiful compared to yesterday, so I did my cardio outdoors.

Canada Day 3-4

Afterwards I took a shower and got ready for the day.

We picked the kids up at noon, and we ate lunch at The Windjammer again.  It was very evident at lunch that Lucy was exhausted.  She was very fussy and becoming a little difficult to manage.  We originally had planned to take the kids to go see the ice skating show at 2:00PM, but we decided we needed a change of plans in order to get Lucy a nap. I was able to nap with her in the room while Ramon and Zack played around the ship.  We switched off about 90 min into nap time so that I could do “Cryptic Clue Challenge: Musicals” trivia.  I am a huge theater geek, so I figured I would do pretty well at musicals trivia.  I sure was wrong.  The clues were incredibly obscure.  Below was the clue sheet.

Canada Day 3-6

You try and figure out which musical it is based on those clues.  My team only got 5 right out of 30.

Once Zack and I came back, Lucy was awake.  Ramon went to do “Movie Love Songs Trivia” which he typically comes in 1st or 2nd, while the kids and I rested in the room for a bit.  The trivia was packed as always.

Ramon’s team came in 2nd, which was a little disappointing.

Once Ramon was done, we dropped the kids off at Adventure Ocean. Since we signed them up for Adventure Time dining, we were free until 10pm!  For those of you who do not cruise Royal Caribbean, Adventure Time dining is a part of the kids program where they take your kids to eat dinner, and then bring them back to the kids club afterwards.  It provides a very nice break for parents when on vacation.

Tonight was formal night so we went back to the room to change.  While formal night is optional these days, we still like to get at least a little dressed up as a change of pace as long as we have space in the luggage for some dressier attire.  

After changing we went to the Diamond lounge to have some complimentary drinks as we talked about on Day 2.  Off note, this is the first Diamond lounge we have seen with a makeshift bar in it.  Typically there is a waiter who comes around and takes your drink order, but now you have to get your own drink.  I am not sure if this is a permanent changer not.

We had some appetizers and a couple complimentary cocktails prior to dinner.  Today they had some egg rolls, quiche’s and chicken wings for their warm appetizers.

Canada Day 3-9

Tonight we decided eat at the main dining room for dinner.  We are on My Time Dining this cruise, which means we can get dinner pretty much any time we want.  We like not being locked into a time for dinner, especially with having young children.  The downside is that you may have to wait to be seated.  You may also be seated with other passengers on My Time Dining,  which is a great way to meet new people.  Tonight, we were seated with a very nice couple with 2 children, ages 3 and 5, so very close to Zack and Lucy’s age.  We had a great time sharing stories about parenthood and traveling with young children.

Tonight they had the duck a l’orange on the menu which Ramon always looks forward to and as always got a side of steamed white rice with it.  While steamed rice is not on the menu, it is one of those items that if you ask for it is always available.  I had the roasted beef sirloin.  Both both were excellent and we cleaned our plates!  I got cheesecake for desert which is my favorite and it did not disappoint.  Ramon being the simple eater got a scoop chocolate ice cream, which is never a bad choice.

After dinner, we watched the production show time performance “Invitation to Dance”, which was a medley of different dance styles.

Canada Day 3-13Canada Day 3-14Canada Day 3-15

I enjoyed it, and thought the production value was actually quite high.  Ramon thought it was just ok, but he thought it was entertaining enough for a cruise ship production.

After the show, we went to Schooner Bar to hear the piano player until it was was time to get the children.  We had a quick snack at Cafe Promenade. Our kids are always hungry when we pick them up, and we used to order room service after picking them up from the kids program at night. Now that they charge $7.95 for it, so we choose the other complimentary options around the ship.

The kids and I went to bed, while Ramon went to Schooner Bar to catch the end of the Notre Dame-Michigan game.  Thankfully they won, which means I will have a husband in a good mood tomorrow.  Tomorrow we arrive at our first port of call, Portland, Maine. Read about it here.

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