Top 10 Things I Learned From Traveling Out West

A couple days out west definitely led me to some interesting observations.

1.) The American National Park System is apparently only visited by European Tourists.

2.) There are even limits to my level of adventure. At Horseshoe Bend, there are no rails for much of the area, and it is a several thousand foot drop straight down. Even I was not daring enough to try and get a picture of Zack and Lucy at the edge.Top Ten Things I Learned Canyon-13.) When you see a sign that says “pollinator friendly” what it really means is “Danger, Will Robinson, danger, there are hundreds of bees nearby.”

4.) Fake Venice is a lot cleaner and smells a lot nicer than real Venice. There also aren’t any rats which was a bonus.

Top 10 things Canyon-1-5.jpg

5.) Antelope Canyon is basically photography for dummies. It is impossible to take a bad picture there.

Top 10 things out West-1.jpg

6.) Hoodoo, the name for the rock columns at Bryce Canyon is not to be confused with voodoo.  Although it is tempting to try and poke one with a pin.

Top 10 things out West-1-2.jpg

7.) Hotel investors clearly are behind market trends.  When we shell out $150 for the Bryce Zion Inn you know there is a severe shortage of rooms.  I forgot to take a pic of the room, but I will say it was a glorified dorm room complete with cinder block walls.  I can honestly say most dorm rooms were significantly better.

Western Canyon Tour-21Top 10 things Canyon-1-2

For comparison, The Palazzo on the Vegas Strip was $120.

Top 10 things Canyon-1-3Western Canyon Tour - Zion-21Western Canyon Tour - Zion-22Western Canyon Tour - Zion-23

8.) A sure fire way to break a month long drought is to go somewhere where direct sunlight is an absolute requirement for the photo you need.

9.) Rocks and sand have an amazingly high entertainment/cost ratio.

Top 10 things Canyon-1Western Canyon Tour - Zion-1Western Canyon Tour - Bryce-6Western Canyon Tour - Bryce-18

10.) I didn’t think anything could be more entertaining than rocks and sand.  That was until we discovered irrigation system covers!

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