Western Canyon Tour Live Blog: Day 5

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Since we went to bed early, we were up early.  Zack was back to 1,000% and his energizer bunny ways.  Despite being surrounded by hundreds of restaurants, since we were up early by Vegas standards, our breakfast options were limited.  So we ate at Subway, and then we went to walk around our resort, The Palazzo.

The kids saw a huge LOVE sign that they had to play on.

Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-1Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-2

Ramon and I saw a sign the described a parent’s worst nightmare!

Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-8

The resort was absolutely beautiful, and modeled after Venice, Italy.  It is a blessing that none of the shops were open that early! It removed any temptation to shop.

Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-4Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-5No matter the hour, you can always shop for shoes at these handy vending machines!

Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-3

We walked around the strip for a little while.  It was not that hot yet, but the sun was bright and it was heating up.

Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-6Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-7

Ramon is an advertisers dream!  When he saw a picture of the “Crazy Shake” at Black Tap, I knew we’d be making a stop to try it out.

Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-9Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-10We got the Oreo shake, and it was absolutely worth the fifteen dollars. It was big enough to feed the four of us, and it was as good as it looked!

After our shake, we were off to the airport!  We checked in and made it through security with no issues, despite both of us being randomly selected for screening.  We grabbed Moe’s Southwest Grill to eat on the plane, and waited to board.  This time, it was Lucy who decided to keep fellow passengers entertained. She felt it was necessary to tuck her bear in and put him to sleep. Zack decided to follow suit.

Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-13Western Canyon Tour - Vegas-14

We boarded the plane, and were able to maneuver our seats so Ramon and Lucy sat together, and I sat with Zack to get some school done.

We arrived in Cincinnati about 10:30pm. We were able to pick up Lucy’s iPad that we lost on the way to Vegas from lost and found, and got on the road to our home town at about midnight. Thankfully, we are still on west coast time, so the drive home was not too exhausting.

As this adventure comes to an end, we can’t help but look forward to our next one.  Stay tuned as we leave in two weeks for a cruise to New England and Canada.  We hope you’ll follow along with us!

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